Review: fragrance Miss Dior Cherie



Woman`s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting -Christian Dior

So i will start right with my opinion. I don`t like very sweet fragrances, which are in the middle of very strong and light perfumes. Just to make everything clear for you, one of these is Birtney Spears “Fantasy” – too much sweetness. I prefer fragrances with a very strong and concrete or very light and simple scents.

Miss Dior Cherie is my all time favourite. Everything started when i bought Vogue, and there was a sample of it. I opened it, and it was such a nice moment – i thought that i have never smelled anything better. And i still think that there can`t be anything better for me. I don`t regret anything, because this fragrance is worth money i put in this product.


I am not such an expert in scents, but i was quite surprised, when i read that the key elements are mandarin, jasmine and patchouli. I don`t know what patchouli is, but… whatever it is, it is perfectly combined with other ingredients.

Another thing which i really love in this product, is the simple box and elegant, but at the same time simple bottle.


There`s a history behind this wonderful design of bottle, i`ll add link at the bottom of this review, so you will be able to read about the history of the fragrance and a bottle.

This perfume is wearable at a day time, and also for a night time. When i think of a night time and this fragrance, i imagine a woman in a long red or black dress, very elegant and glamorous. By this i mean, i don`t think it would fit with a clubbing outfit.

As you noticed, i don`t like sweet fragrances, and i would like to show another fragrances, which are in my top list. So if you like a little bit strong fragrances, you may like these too:

Versace “Bright Crystal”

Sheer sensuality, crystal transparency, and luminous brightness: Versace introduces the new Bright Crystal, a precious jewel of rare beauty characterized by a fresh, vibrant, flowery scent.


I know, the bottle is empty, i used it a long time ago and this was my first fragrance in my life. I think i will buy someday it again.

Yves Saint Laurent “Baby Doll”

Flirty, fun, forever young… a happy-go-lucky fragrance that lives in the moment. Like a top spinning, the opening accord amuses with newly ripened grapefruit, then teases with witty turns of wild rose and spicy red currant.


This is empty too, but it seems like i will never forget the scent, it takes third place on my top list, but it`s much more better than all under this top list.

Miss Dior website where you can read information about fragrance (and a history of the bottle) ->

What`s your favourite fragrance you are using?


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