Review: Ecotools, Recycled Retractable Foundation Brush



This brush applies cream or liquid foundation for a smooth, even finish!  Featuring soft, cruelty-free taklon bristles and a sleek recycled aluminum retractable case, this brush is perfect for your purse or everyday makeup bag!

So here comes another review. This time – about foundation brush.

Honestly speaking, i don`t know a lot about foundation brushes, because this is my first foundation brush, but this was quite interesting experience.

First i would like to say, that it is not that soft as i expected, but still it is not bad. Maybe if it would be a little much softer, it would be easier to apply foundation. But… as i haven`t had one, it is hard to say exactly. But at the same time… i can share my first impressions about this brush! I think, that it`s not the best brush to make flawless and natural look, because it makes strokes on your face while putting foundation on. But i am sure, if you know how to work with it – you can do magic!


I love the packaging – green little pouch is reusable, very practical! And the form of the brush (retractable case which is made from recycled aluminum) is good for those, who are always on the move – you can just put it in your everyday make-up bag, because it`s compact, and use it while on the move!

It was quite interesting experience, and i`m absolutely sure, that i`ll buy another products of Ecotools. I couldn`t say that i`m disappointed about this brush, but also i`m not very excited about it. I feel fine that i have this brush, and i don`t regret that i have one.


Also i love the name of the company – it is true that their products are ecotools. As i`m fan of eco things, i was really happy that they are using recycled materials, but, at the same time i thought, that it would be much more effective to have eco packaging, because it is a bit strange to hold a plastic packaging with a text “Ecotools” on it.

But overall i`m glad that i bought this brush, because now i know what Ecotools is, and i have my first foundation brush!

I recommend this brush to those, who are in a hurry and don`t have enough space for a normal sized foundation brush in everyday makeup bag.

Ecotools website ->

Ecotools twitter ->


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