Review: Nivea, Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover



Nivea Visage Extra gentle Eye Make-up Remover is developed for the sensitive area around the eyes. It gently removes mascara without leaving any greasy residues.

Hello my dear followers! As you can see, there`s another review from me, so… hope it will be useful!

I would like to start with a short story about this makeup remover. I own it for a long time, but i was using it very rarely, because i tried to remove the mascara from my lashes with this magical potion, but… i end up with red eyes full of tears! Some days ago i was searching for some skin care products to write about, and i remembered this makeup remover. And i decided to write my first review about how disappointed i am. But then, i decided to apply my new eyeshadows. After applying and taking some photos, i wanted to remove it, and i decided to do it with this product i was so dissapointed about. And then there came surprise. I removed my eyeshadow really quickly with no pain and red eyes. Such a miracle!


Now about the product! It`s for all skin types, i haven`t got any problems with it. Only disadvantage is that after removing eye makeup my skin around eyes feels a bit dry, but it`s just feeling and there`s no real problem with it. I just put on a creme on skin around my eyes, and everything is allright.

It`s perfect for travelling. Quite small bottle to put in a medium size makeup bag. And for safety – put it in a plastic bag and close it tight, because it can suddenly open and anything could happen.


Well, i had a really bad experience with this product at the beginning. It`s just because i tried to remove the mascara, which was WATERPROOF. Nivea gentle eye makeup remover is for all eye makeup which is NON-WATERPROOF. I`m such a bad example, because i didn`t read any instructions or information about this. Everything on bottle is written in German, and only thing i understood was that it is eye makeup remover.

So, remember – Nivea gentle eye makeup remover is for all skin types, it is in a good sized bottle to carry with you, and it`s made for removing all the eye makeup which is not waterproof.

Thank you, hope it was helpful! 🙂


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