Review: the Body Shop, Mango body butter


MANGO BODY BUTTER by the Body Shop

Our super-rich and creamy Body Butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains Community Fair Trade cocoa butter and has an exotic mango scent. 24-hour hydration Great for very dry skin.

My skin is really dry (but it is getting much better), so i am trying a lot of new body butters and another products that can fight with my dry skin. I wanted to say, that because of it, i will write a lot about skin care products such as body butters, cremes etc. There are a lot reviews of products, which are good for people with normal skin and there are less those, who write everything about products for dry or oily skin. So – here i am, i`ll be writing about products for dry skin, just because any other products which are for normal skin is not for me.

I remember when everybody said, that the Body Shop have great body butters. I was kind of afraid to buy them, because i was not sure if it will help. Last summer i bought my the Body Shop body butter with mango. And then everything started…

When i got home, the first thing to do was to open the container and feel the scent of the product. I was so surprised! The scent is magnificent and beautiful. I absolutely fell in love with this product, and i still love it. Scent is so magnificent that sometimes i think i just could eat it.

But now about the effectivity of this product. For my dry skin it is just like heaven! As they say – 24 hour hydration! It absolutely works and it is worth everything! It`s just like a blast of moisturize! Haha, looks like i am still so excited, that at the end of every sentence there is “!”. That`s how i feel about this product. If you are going to try it and buy it, and you have dry or very dry skin – this product probably will be your favourite. There are different scents, i chose mango, because i wanted something exotic and fresh. At the end of post i will add link to body shop website where you will be able to see all body butters with their scents.


I bought this product last summer and i am still using it. I am not using it daily, but once or twice in a week. So – this is your choice to buy a regular size, mini size or jumbo size body butter. So if you need your skin moisturized almost daily or very often, i think jumbo size packaging will be more good for you.

Well, i think i will buy someday this product again, because it is super effective. My skin loves it!

There`s the Body Shop website where you can take a look at the different range of body butters -> or to see more about the body butter i just reviewed!

Thank you for your attention, hope this was helpful.

Are you using the Body Shop body butter? You can share your thoughts writing a comment 🙂


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