Review: Jason, Aloe Vera moisturizing gel



This concentrated, non-oily daily moisturizing gel naturally delivers instant dry skin relief. Natural Aloe Vera Gel soothes dry, irritated, sun damaged or newly shaven skin while a boost of nourishing Allantoin and Vitamin B5 replenish and recondition. With use, skin is calmed, balanced and nurtured back to its healthy-looking best.

Hi my dear followers and readers. Today i am going to write about another moisturizer, which i find in some way interesting.

As i wrote in one of my previous post ( ), i have quite dry skin, so i`m trying different products to improve my skin.

When i bought this product, i didn`t read, that it is GEL, so when i opened the cap and saw transparent gel, i was surprised. I had never used moisturizing gel, and it was something new for me. WAS.


I would like to say, that this tube looks quite small at first sight, but when you start using the gel – it is magic! You don`t need to take much gel from the tube. I am using it for almost month, and it looks like i am using it for a little time.

So… now about the gel. This one is for face, and it`s for dry skin. After applying it you are going to feel so much freshness. When it gets into my skin, my face starts to get a little bit itchy on some spots. But it lasts for about minute, then it feels like i`m having a mask on my face… with this feeling i`m going to sleep. And in the morning i see some difference – my face looks fresh, nice, and healthy. And all the red spots on my face are a little bit faded.

I do like this product, and i recommend this to everyone, who have dry skin. If you have allergic skin on face, i think this product will be not so good for you, because i do have a little bit allergic spots on my face, and… as i mentioned before, these spots get`s a bit itchy. So if you have more allergic skin – choose something more calming.

There`s Jason website, where you can see the price of this product and another details i haven`t mentioned here ->

Are you using some products of Jason? Maybe you can suggest me something?


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