Review: The Body Shop, Absinthe purifying hand cream



A pure sensation for hands. This ingenious everyday cream with absinthe extract moisturizes hands and leaves them feeling soft and super-fresh.

Hello my dear readers. I want to share with you all one of the greatest hand creams EVER!

Before two weeks i was surfing around the Internet, searching for moisturizers (as always), and then i decided to check out the Body Shop website. I had heard about Hemp hand protector (which should be also very good) by the Body Shop, but then i saw Absinthe purifying hand cream, which sounded interesting… so i decided to try it out. So i bought it… and now i`m writing a review of it!

I would like to start with a scent of this almost perfect product! It is sooo nice, the scent of this hand cream reminds me of early spring, when everything is so fresh. On the other hand, some people like it, some not, because it has a bit strong scent, but at the same time it is fresh. I can say, that almost everyone, who have tried it out , said to me, that it`s scent is perfect! I can`t disagree!


Next important point is about packaging. Well… i really enjoy design, but it is unpractical – i don`t recommend this hand cream (with this type of packaging – i guess it is aluminum) if you want to put it in your bag on the go. Why? Because it can be easily deformed, so there is possibility of some unexpected surprises in your bag.

And now about the most important thing – about the cream itself! The first time i tested this creme was in the shop, and my first impression was – wow! This thing is something different! And it really is! Why?


Firstly, when applying it, you can feel the freshness on your skin, it feels like you just have washed your hands.

Secondly, it absorbs fast! This point is good for those, who are in a hurry, and need fast hand moisturizing. I have read a lot about it, that this is very good point of this creme, and when i tried it out by myself, it really happened! I just applied it, and after a few seconds i had non oily hands.

Finally, as i mentioned, after using it, you don`t have to worry about oily fingerprints, because after using this creme, your hands will be fresh and clean! It is almost as a gel – skin absorbs it very fast, and after applying you don`t have to worry about oily fingerprints!

Overall, i can say, that i absolutely recommend this! For all skin types and for strong scent lovers! This hand cream is worth everything!

For more information about the product, visit ->

And for more information about all the Body Shop absinthe products, click here ->


5 thoughts on “Review: The Body Shop, Absinthe purifying hand cream

  1. I unlike you completely dislike this product and I am so happy I didn`t splurge the whole 20$ it is worth… My first complaint is the overpowering smell.. it smells so stron – I like the smell but I wish the whole neighborhood didn’t have to smell it…..The texture is very milky and no wear near the butter it states it contains… It made my hands feel dry compared to other moisturizers… i wish it was richer… I`m glad you like it thought! It’s all about taste!


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