Review: Guerlain, Le 2 De two brush mascara



Picture a fringe of perfect lashes… Long, thick and ideally curved. Each lash appears naturally supple and individually defined. No clumping, no unevenness. No sparse patches! One tube, two brushes: the first offers a multidimensional result. The second, a miniature brush designed for the corners of the eye, catches the finer lashes and gives them the same finish as the larger lashes. Its formula is radically different too: most of the waxes used in mascara, often the culprits in clumping and stickiness, have been replaced by two polymers. The first creates volume and length without clumping, while the second sets the curve and guarantees exceptional hold. To clothe this object of desire, Helle Damkjaer has created a quiver-like case, with taut vibrant lines of luxurious purity.

Hello my sweethearts!

As some of you have noticed, i have been writing only about skin care products, but everything comes with a time. This is my first review of makeup product! I have never written this kind of review, but i hope you will find it useful and i hope i`ll include all useful information from my experience with this product.

So… i bought this awesome mascara on vacation with family. We were in a hurry, i knew i need new mascara, but i was too nervous to decide which to take, so there suddenly appeared two woman (probably some beauty experts or something) , who suggested me Guerlain Le 2 De mascara. At that time i heard the brand name for the first time. Just some months ago i introduced myself to other products of Guerlain. I`m proud to know this brand!


So, as you noticed, this mascara has two brushes – one is larger, another is smaller. I like it, because it`s always a problem to apply mascara on the smaller lashes, and if it happens – it looks quite horrible. So the smaller brush is very practical! I think this is such a great idea – mascara with two brushes! There`s no need for two mascaras, where one of them is for upper lashes, and another – for lower lashes.


The smaller brush is not the same as the bigger brush. The bigger brush is made from some special plastic i guess, it separates and lengthens lashes, but the smaller brush is made from material, of which almost all mascara brushes are made. It lengthens lower and corner lashes too, but it`s more precise and accurate.

Here you can see the difference between the bigger and smaller brushes.



I`m absolutely happy, that i was in a hurry that time, and haven`t got a choice to take another mascara. This is a really good finding for me!


The design is quite unusual. But i like it – very simple, yet so classy. The only thing i can say of the packaging – if you have a very large makeup bag, you can take this mascara with you, but if you don`t – then you can`t take it with you. Why? Because it is quite large, and there were many moments, when i wanted to take this mascara with me, but then i realized that there`s not enough space for that large mascara. Mascara bu itself is very practical, but the packaging – it`s more for studio or home use.

As i mentioned before, this mascara lengthens your lashes and make your eyes look really dramatic. I think it would look super-dramatic with a smokey eye. I have never used that kind of mascara – all previous ones have made me look casual, but this one is very good for unusual and, as i mentioned before, dramatic looks.

So this is how my lashes look before mascara:


And this one is how my lashes look with Guerlain Le2 De two brush mascara:


So this is it. I absolutely recommend this mascara to you. If you like to make new looks, this can be your key for a new and unusual looks!

There is Guerlain official website ->

There you can see all Guerlain mascaras ->



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