Review: Desert Essence, Sweet almond hand and body lotion



Organic Almond Extract and Almond Oil, with a high level of Vitamins A, E, and B, proteins and fatty acids, penetrate the skin, providing soothing nourishment and moisture. Vitamin E-rich Sunflower Oil helps repair damage done by environmental stressors. Organic Shea Butter, a rich natural emollient, helps skin retain moisture and restore elasticity, leaving skin feeling smooth and supple. Lightly scented with rich, natural almond oil.

Hi there! There`s a small introduction to my newest review. I`m really sorry that i haven`t written this review earlier, because i had such a busy week.

So…how did i get to know Desert Essence?

I was surfing around iHerb to find some organic moisturizers for body or for face. Then there were quite a lot of products from Desert Essence – different hand and body lotions with different scents. So without any thought (even without reading something more about the brand) i just “put” sweet almond hand and body lotion in the basket.

I`m using this product for almost two months, but there is still quite a lot in it. The first thing i like in this lotion package, is that there is quite a lot of lotion in it (8 fl oz / 237 ml). Of course i`m not using it everyday, but i`m using it very often. So, this is a perfect choice!

And i should not forget about the scent. Why i picked the almond one? I thought that i have never had anything, with almond scent, so this was my chance to try out it. Sweet almond is such a nice scent! But it smells different in the bottle, on the hands when you are just applied it, and when your hands are moisturized and done. This is not a problem, because scent is just wonderful! It`s very, very sweet… sometimes i feel like i`m flying or dreaming because of lotions beautiful scent!!!

The most important thing is that this lotion has a blast of moisture… mostly i`m using it for my hands, because they feel very dry after every washing with soap, but it`s very good for body moisturizing too. I have had tons of different hand and body moisturizers, and i can say – this is in 2nd place in my top 3 of body moisturizers.


The only thing i don`t like is that after applying it, your hands are getting very oily. This is not a bad thing if you have a lot of time for waiting for lotion to sunk in your skin, but as i`m often on the go, it`s not practical. This is perfect for treating yourself after a very stressful day – just apply it and feel the sweet scent!

Overall, i  can say that this is just a perfect moisturizer and everybody should have it. ALMOND LOVERS, this is must have for you!


For more information about Desert Essence ->

And more information about this product ->



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