Monthly favorites: March

Hi there 🙂

This is going to be my first “monthly favorites” post, but i`ll try my best. If i`ll like the result i probably will continue doing it.

Those, who are reading my blog know, that i`m not a very big fan of makeup. I`m searching for better and better skin care products. More than a half of all products which you will now see, already have reviews, so i`ll give you a short description and i`ll add a link to a full review.

So, this month i have two products from Desert Essence. I`m so happy i have found this brand.


Desert Essence, Sweet almond hand and body lotion ($9)

This is my march super-moisturizer, which i love. It costs only $8,99 for 8 fl oz / 237 ml ! Actually i`m using this purely scented lotion for almost two months, so i think price is good. Very good moisturizer, and sweet almond scent just keeps your mind away from all the negative thoughts… definitely a must have for people with normal to dry skin!

Click for full review

Desert Essence, Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste, Wintergreen ($6.95 for 6.4 oz / 130 ml)

This is such a finding! I think i`m in love with this toothpaste, because it is just perfect for me. I have always had problems after brushing my teeth, because my lips and skin around them were getting drier. As i have allergic and dry skin, my skin can be easily irritated. BUT THIS MADE MY LIFE EASIER, and now i feel happy after every teeth brushing, because my skin doesn`t get drier and i don`t need to put much toothpaste on a brush. Sometimes i think, what happened – then i just realized – this toothpaste is fluoride free. So know i can feel more comfortable after brushing my teeth. This toothpaste really changed a small part of my everyday life 🙂 Thank you Desert Essence! (I`ll write a review of this product too,but i know there are quite a lot of people who have allergies, so it can be helpful somebody too).


So, there are almost all products which i have already reviewed, but i`ll try to give very small description and link to the full reviews.

The Body Shop, Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream (£10.00 for 100ml)

Good hand moisturizer for people, who always are on the go! It dries fast and after applying you don`t have to worry about oily hands. It has a strong scent, some may like it, some not.

Click for full review

Badger, Cocoa butter lip balm ($4.99 for 7g/.25 oz)

The best lip moisturizer ever! It is absolutely organic, there`s no ingredients which you can`t spell. So that means it has a natural scent. Perfect for time, when seasons change! Definitely a must have for dry lips!

Click for full review

Nivea creme (prices may differ, 30ml)

Historical creme, almost everybody knows this and have used it. I have been using it since my childhood, my skin absolutely loves this!

Click for full review

Avon, Supershock mascara (i have limited edition mascara, so i can`t find a price)

This one is my one true love for now. Perfect for everyday looks, but can be used for some wild and dramatic looks. I don`t want to say anything more, because tomorrow i`ll make a review of this mascara!

So, these are all my March favourites 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!


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