Review: Clinique, High impact mascara



High Impact Mascara is a multi-benefit mascara that adds maximum volume with definition and length. Specially developed brush and formula work together to dramatically thicken lashes while separating.

Welcome to another review, my dear reader!It`s really hard for me to choose a product which i am going to review, so i made a “lottery” and this week two products are two mascaras – today it`s Clinique`s and tomorrow – Avon.

Why did i choose this one?

Well, this mascara has a similar story as Guerlain`s mascara – i bought it in the airport and i haven`t got much time, so i took the first what was on my way. So here it is. I didn`t know anything about Clinique, but now i know, and… i think i should get something from them in the near future.


So, there are quite a lot of people who are excited about this mascara. What i can say? Well, i`m not very impressed. But i can`t say i`m disappointed. It`s hard to catch some smaller lashes with the brush – it`s not very massive or very large, but it`s not very small either.


Probably it`s quite hard to catch some smaller lashes (and lower lashes) because that the brush is just straight. So this makes mascara look on lashes uneven and clumpy (i think it`s the right word). But what helps me to get good look with this mascara? Eyelash curler and Guerlain Le2 De smaller mascara brush for all small lashes.


The thing i love in this mascara is that it makes lashes visible, it looks natural and nothing`s too much. I have seen many people who likes over-volumised and over-lenghtened eyelashes. The secret in makeup is to look natural… so this is quite a good choice to bring your lashes a bit more visibility.

If Guerlain mascara better fits for dramatic looks, then Clinique mascara better fits for natural looks.

So, this is how my eyelashes look without mascara:


And there`s my eyelashes with Clinique high impact mascara on:


Here`s the result. It`s up to you how you like it. As i mentioned, this one is for more natural looks, it looks good on larger lashes than on smaller lashes. To make it more natural, you can cover your lashes only once with mascara (in photo i have covered them three times).

Hope it was useful! 🙂

Clinique official website ->

And there you can see the newest range of Clinique mascaras ->


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