Inspirational: Floral patterns and flowers

Hello everybody!

Today is one of my laziest days of my life (probably), but i`m so inspired, that i decided to write new inspirational post.

I am a big nature lover since childhood and i feel very comfortable being outside house. Nature gives some kind of freedom – and i absolutely love it!

Today we will be talking about flowers and floral patterns (more or less).

When i was little, i, as many other girls, was wearing floral patterned dresses and skirts. I liked flowers and floral patterns, but it`s just normal, because more or less, all girls in childhood likes them. Then i had a time in my life, when i don`t liked flowers at all, now i can just wonder about myself, because right now, it`s one of general things, which inspires me and makes me feel very good.

I think that all girls, who likes flowers, know that beautiful feeling of spring, when there are a lot of flowers and nature is waking up, that warm feeling, when someone gives you flowers, maybe even for no reason – and you put them in the vase and they beautifully decorate your room.

As i am a big fan of vintage, floral patterns reminds me of vintage. I don`t know the history about floral patterns or something, but this is the first thing what comes in my mind – floral patterns -> vintage.

As all my inspirational posts – in this one there will be more pictures than text. You can click on images to find out who made these beautiful pictures.

I would be grateful to hear your stories about floral patterns and flowers. Do you like them? Maybe you have something really interesting to share with us? Don`t be shy, share your stories 🙂










Spread the love! Hope you enjoyed and got inspired.



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