Review: Avon, Supershock mascara



Thickening base coat and plumping colour in one for volumised lashes.

Good afternoon sweethearts!

Yesterday i wrote my march favourites and there was THIS mascara. So today is the day – i`m writing a review of it.

There`s no story about how i chose this mascara to be mine, because it was a present for me for Christmas. Of course i have heard of Avon before, but there was nothing i wanted to try, i even don`t know why. This mascara changed my mind about Avon products, and in the end it is even my most favourite mascara of all times.


My first impressions were – ” Wow, the brush is just sooo big” and “That`s not bad to have another mascara in my small mascara collection”. At the first time i used it, i just really couldn`t believe that it`s just so good! It perfectly shapes and fills lashes with mascara.


The brush is made from that special plastic, which i like, because it makes applying much easier, and there are less clumps with these kind of brushes. And those bristles are just so tiny and small, that they are able to catch every lash – both smaller and larger lashes. I love this brush with it`s bristles, such a nice combination – big brush with small bristles. Effective!


I have never used any other color, but black. Probably in near future i will try brown or dark blue ones. This mascara can be used to make dramatic looks, but at the same time it`s very easy to make a natural look. This mascara is the best cosmetic gift i have ever received! I even don`t have much to tell you about this mascara, because it is just so good, that i can`t find the right words.

But now it`s time to show how it looks on lashes.

There`s one without:


And there`s with Avon Supershock mascara:


As we can see, it`s more lenghtening than volumising, maybe something from both. To get finished look, you will need to cover this mascara many times over and over, because you don`t get the result covering lashes only once with this mascara. But i absolutely recommend this, you can love it, you can hate it, but i will still think that the brush is very nice and mascara by itself is affordable!

Avon official website ->

All available mascaras from Avon now ->

Have a nice day 🙂


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