Review: Badger, Nutmeg & Shea Every Day Moisturizer



Soothe, Smooth & Totally Improve. Intensive treatment for very dry skin. This super concentrated, long-lasting moisturizer works magic on your skin! Organic Cold-pressed East African Shea Butter is one of nature’s most powerful skin restoratives, and ideal for everyday use. It is high in naturally occurring vitamins A and E, providing superior skin protection. Nutmeg Butter and Nutmeg Oil impart a dreamy, warm and sensual fragrance. CO2 Extracts of Seabuckthorn and Rosehip are packed with antioxidants for healthy, smooth, super soft skin!

Hello my dear readers! I`m so sorry for being busy, there are a lot of things to do. But today i`ll try to write my thoughts of another Badger product!

So, now it`s time to talk about the product. I would like to start with the packaging. I just love their logo… how they fit the Badger in their logo. The design reminds me of vintage, it looks very neutral, but it has something in it, that it`s catchy. And i absolutely love cremes and moisturizers that comes in tins. Because it`s much easier to carry – you don`t have to worry if it will open and smudge your bag with the product. I love their style and design!


But now about the moisturizer itself. It`s all organic and natural, you can notice it by smelling it – it has very natural scent. I was not that impressed by scent at first, but now, as i`m using it very often, i like it. It`s a bit strong, but after applying it you can hardly notice that there`s any scent at all.

It`s super moisturizing, and you don`t need to take a lot of it for applying. It`s better to place it in a warm place, it will be much easier to apply. It`s super effective and i absolutely recommend this for those, who have very dry skin. It really works! How to apply? I usually rub my fingers over the surface of the balm, and then rub it into my palms, and then i apply it where i need. It`s much easier to moisturize larger areas. And if you need a much smaller area to moisturize, you can rub your fingers only over the surface of the balm.

I don`t know, if i would use this every day, but i`m using it once a week and i don`t have a need to apply it more often. I`m usually applying it before going to sleep… but it`s much better to apply it few hours before going to bed, because it leaves skin very oily, so wait until it will sunk into your skin (more or less).


I have bought this 2-3 months ago, but i am still using. What i like the most from Badgers? Their products are organic and their products last quite long.

I recommend you to try this balm out if you do have very dry skin or some dry spots on your skin. This will help you!

There you can check out the Badger Balm body care products ->

And there you can read more information about the Nutmeg & Shea every day moisturizer ->

Are you using any of the Badger Balm products? If yes, what are the general things you like?



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