Review: Farmasi, Soft Touch 4 Color Eyeshadow



This Eyeshadow, that consists of 4-coordinating colors, provides maximum coverage with its highly-pigmented formula. It ensures radiance all day long. Do not accumulate in the eyelid. Apply the lightest shade to the upper part of the inner eyelid, then blend darkest shade a long the lash line. For more intensity use the bold color under the lashes.

Hello my dear followers and readers. I`m so sorry about being unactive, i am quite busy and i don`t have a lot of time to write some reviews. But i`m right here and there`s another review from me!

I think a lot of people haven`t heard about Farmasi, just like myself some months ago. If you want to know something more about them, just type Farmasi Cosmetics into search bar and read information!

Why i chose to buy their products? (I have bought this eyeshadow palette and a lipstick) Well, the answer is very simple – i just wanted to try something new, and Farmasi Cosmetics seemed something new and never seen.


So, let`s start with colors. There`s no specific name to each color, but as you can see, the first one is golden one, next to it there`s a metallic green, under it there`s a metallic white and next to it there`s something between blue and green – i would like to say, dark aqua or something. All eyeshadows are in a metallic tone. With these colors you can make such a beautiful smokey eye.


Picture shows that colors are very pigmented, but there`s a bad side of these eyeshadows – they don`t last long. After 2 or 3 hours eyeshadow becomes very light (even the dark tones), so i don`t agree that this eyeshadow can last all day long. So if you want to last them longer, just apply eyeshadow base on your eyelid and then, probably, it will last longer.


About the case – i like it, because it is compact, and if it is needed – you can even carry this with you in your makeup bag. Another important thing is applicator – this one is one of the best applicators which has came with the eyeshadow, good alternative to brush.

Would i buy this product again? I think that no, maybe another types of eyeshadows from Farmasi, but this one – not. But if you`re interested – you should try it!

Farmasi cosmetics official website ->



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