Review: Essence, Eyebrow designer 04 blonde



Get your eyebrows into tip-top shape! with a practical brush on the cap for smooth and even eyebrows.

Hello my dear followers and readers! It`s been a long time i haven`t updated this blog. I think one thing i haven`t been here for a while is that now i`m proud student. The beginning of study process was quite hard, but right now i`m ready to study more. And finally i`m ready to post some new reviews out here.

There`s no specific story of how i was introduced to this eyebrow designer, but i still have something to tell. As i moved to another city (because of the high-school) on first day there i thought, that it`s my time to make myself to look a little bit different. First thing what came into my mind were my eyebrows – till that day i was filling them with a light brown eyeshadow, i couldn`t say that it looked awful or bad. So then i went to look at some eyebrow pencils. This was the only one which i found perfect – the brush, the tone and the size.


Right now i can say, that i`m using this for about 3 months, almost every day. I haven`t used any other eyebrow pencil, but i can say, i like how this one works. It`s affordable, good quality and it lasts quite long.


There are just two disadvantages of this product, in my opinion. First one – as i like more natural look, if you press the pencil too hard on your eyebrow, it gets more darker (as always with pencils), so sometimes i need to clean everything off and try again. Another disadvantage – this brush on the pencil`s cap is not that good, so i`m using eyebrow brush from my Claire`s brush set.

Actually i can recommend this eyebrow pencil for everybody, who likes to make more natural looks and who wants to find quality and affordable price for one. This eyebrow pencil comes into three colors (as usual) – blonde, dark brown and black.

Essence official website ->

Details about the Essence Eyebrow Designer ->

If you have any suggestions on some great eyebrow pencils or fillers, feel free to write down the brand and the name of them, so i could check them out 🙂

Have a great evening!


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