Review: Farmasi, True Color Lipstick #15



A new and improved formula that combines specially selected ingredients to provide a long lasting color.

I`m coming up with another Farmasi cosmetics review. This time it is going to be about Farmasi True Color Lipstick.

If you have read my other reviews and posts, you probably know that i have very sensitive and allergic skin, what makes it more difficult to find more natural cosmetic products. As i have problems with my skin, it also means, that i need to take double care of my lips. As i have always been wearing lip balms, i wanted to make changes by getting a lipstick. So there`s my little story about how i chose exactly this one.

As i mentioned, my lips are also problematic, so i needed to find the perfect lipstick. First thing i knew, this lipstick must be matte, because my lips are “heart shaped”, which means if i wear some lip-glosses, my lips look too big. Second important thing was to find more natural and warm tone, because i like my makeup look natural. Third and general thing was to find the perfect lipstick, which would fit my sensitive lips and wouldn`t cause irritation or something similar to that.


So, about the lipstick itself. Lipstick is matte, which is good and i really like it. Another thing, is that when i tested it on my hand, color was sort of peachy… i really can`t say the right color – something between orange and pink, warm and tasty color. But when on lips the color turned out to be a little bit darker, more to dark orange/peach, well… i still like it. The color lasts long, that`s true.


General disadvantage for me – everything was perfect until the third point: lipstick must fit my sensitive lips. At this point, lipstick failed, and i am very sad about this, because it was matte and color was okay for me. Another good point is that it moisturizes your lips a little bit, so you can feel that lipstick stays as it was applied (not as another lipstick i tried from MUA, but about this one another time).

I am still dreaming for my perfect lipstick (or maybe i should try lip tint).

Farmasi official website ->

More information and True Color Lipstick tones here ->

Maybe you can suggest a brand or specific lipstick to try out (for sensitive lips)? Or maybe you have the same problem? Write your thoughts in comments!

Have a nice day!


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