Review: Fantasy from Britney Spears


FANTASY PERFUME by Britney Spears

 Fantasy by britney spears is the 2nd of her perfume line, launched in 2005 as a fun, and invigorating scent . This feminine scent possesses a blend of red lychee, kiwi, cupcake, jasmine, white chocolate, musk, orris root. Fantasy is recommended for daytime wear.

Hello dear readers! Yesterday i posted a list of products i am going to review, so here comes first review from the list. How i decided that first review from the list will be about this perfume? Well, yesterday i made a list of all these products, cut all the names out and mixed them – then i took out every little paper and made a new list – numbered. So the first name that came out was “Fantasy Perfume by Britney Spears”. Here we go!

I got this perfume almost 4 years ago for my birthday. My parents were travelling and bought this perfume because i only had another one (Versace, Bright Crystal which was my first perfume at all). When i was a little girl, i really liked Britney Spears, then i grew up and i started to like everything except Britney. I had heard of her fragrances and never thought i will ever get one. At first i was a real fan of Fantasy, but then i started to use it very rarely.

What i really like about this perfume is the bottle. I am not big fan of pink color, but i like the design. Simple, elegant and “girly”. It doesn`t remind me of a serious woman, it reminds me more of a girl who dreams about her future. Maybe even something more “princess-like”.


The scent reminds me of summer, warm weather and flowers. I would never say that kiwi, cupcake and white chocolate is included in the scent. I think this scent is a little bit too sweet – i`m using it rarely because of this reason. Sometimes when i wear it, after the time i want to wash the scent off, because i start to feel bad. I prefer to wear this perfume at spring and summer, because it reminds me of freedom, sun and flowers.

If you have read one of my previous post about Mis Dior Cherie fragrance then you might know that i am not a fan of sweet fragrances. That explains why i am using this very rarely.

I recommend this scent for girls and women who really likes floral and very sweet scents. I think, that this perfume you can wear on daytime, and on night time as well.

Have you ever had this perfume before? Did you like it? What kind of perfume you prefer most – sweet and light or something a little bit stronger?

You can visit Britney Spears fragrance page on facebook.

Have a nice day!


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