Review: L’Oréal Paris, True Match Liquid Foundation, C2 Rose Vanilla



In 20 true-to-skin shades across warm, cool and neutral tones, True Match super-blendable liquid foundation perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin, hiding imperfections with its fine, creamy texture. The result: Flawless coverage.

Good morning my dears! First thing i am going to do today, is write my first foundation review. There you can see all foundations and products i am going to review for now.

This is my second foundation (from all my four foundations) and it was a quick-buy. Year ago i had a ball at my school and as i had my first foundation which was a little bit dark for me, i needed to buy another one. I ran to the nearest drugstore and the first thing i looked was which foundation is going to be on sale. Well, there it was – L’Oréal Paris True Match foundations. So i tried out some of “lightest” tones and got one. And guess what? After ball i discovered that this foundation is a little bit dark for me, again!

So the first thing i don`t like – some drugstores doesn`t have open-windows so the daylight can come in. I think it is quite important, because in daylight you can see better if foundation tone fits you or not. I don`t believe it`s my bad luck – i think it`s lighting problems.


I have tone called Rose Vanilla. It`s very similar to my skin tone, but there are little differences – this tone is a bit too orangy for me. Maybe it`s just skin reaction, i really don`t know. But the good thing about all these things is that this foundation will fit me on spring when it`s not too hot outside, because when summer hits, my face looks at its best and no foundation is required.


This foundation has an SPF of 17. When i used it for the first time, i didn`t see anything good about this foundation. After using it third time i can say, that coverage is surprisingly good, i would say coverage is from light to medium (scroll down for pictures) and that it`s easy to blend in. Another good thing i noticed this time is that you can still see skin texture – i think it`s important point if you want your skin to look more natural. But what makes me feel little uncomfortable – when i smile i feel that foundation is on my face – i would like to say it`s a bit sticky.

ImageTo get my face all covered in foundation i needed to press pump two times. This means that it will last for a long time – for me especially, because i am using it rarely. About the design – it`s easy to carry in your makeup bag.


I was not sure if i should post these two pictures, because now you can see my allergic face and lips (my lips are not at their best, even not at their worst). On the left picture you can see that my face is much lighter than my neck and that it does look unhealthy. On the right picture you can see that this foundation with color Vanilla Rose is a little bit darker (half-tone, tone darker) and it`s a bit orangy. But the good thing is – look at the coverage! All red spots (except the large red spot on my right cheek) are gone.

So i would like to give a big plus to coverage. Right now i can`t say about the lasting, because i am not going to wear a foundation which looks a bit darker than my neck. But if you are interested, there are different reviews of this foundation. Lots of people say, that it lasts max 4-5 hours and then gets patchy and uneven.

I don`t think it`s the best foundation i have used, but still it`s better than others i have – even my sensitive, allergic skin doesn`t react to this foundation. No problems wearing this and no problems after cleaning it off.

Have you ever used this foundation? Did you like it? But maybe you know another foundation from L’Oréal Paris which is better than True Match foundation?


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