Review: MUA, Cover and Conceal wand, Fair



Lightweight cover-up for imperfections with a smooth flawless finish.
Conceal imperfections, under-eye circles, spots on the face with this concealer wand. The creamy lightweight texture which blends in to create that flawless finish with a natural coverage that lasts all day.

Hello lovelies! I have been busy for past week – i was doing some of my study work and last 4 days i am relaxing and just going with the flow. But now i`m right back here and i`ll continue to write my planned reviews.

Last year i ordered and got some products from MUA. I chose some products which seemed good to me, and of course i picked some products, which made me wonder about their price. This concealer wand was a product i was wondering about – it costed £1.50.

When i got it, first thing was to try it out. Well, at that time i didn`t have my “perfect” foundation, so i put only concealer on my face while i was at home. There was something i didn`t like about this product – but that was my first impression of it + not having a foundation. After some very long time, i took all the products i haven`t reviewed, and then i decided to give another try to this concealer.

ImageAs you can see, the packaging is simple and i have read that this kind of packaging for concealers are the best. For me… it`s a bit unusual to apply it, because most often in this kind of packaging you have lip glosses and some other lip products. But i can say – yet it`s quite unusual, still it`s very easy to apply.

When i used this concealer for the first time, i didn`t have an idea how this all works, so i think my first impressions was not that good. But now i own this concealer and allround concealer palette from Catrice, and i can say, that MUA did a great job.


In the picture you can see my “before” and “after” face. Many people write that this concealer perfectly conceals your dark circles and it is not that good to cover some blemishes or imperfections. I would say, that this concealer doesn`t work under my eyes at all, but i like the way it conceals the redness, and also about the blemishes – well, you see. Actually i am quite excited about this product, because you can see the difference in these both pictures. So i guess this concealer is going to be a good redness-remover before applying a foundation.

Another good thing is that it lasts long and it doesn`t make your skin look patchy and uneven. But the thing that i didn`t like – it felt sticky after an hour or so. I think it feels better, if you don`t have a feeling of a product at all and that it stays as it is. And to mention some good things again – it`s so easy to blend in! It`s not too liquid and it`s not too creamy, so everything with blending in went well.

I am very sure that i will not repurchase this product. You will ask why? The answer is simple – look at the price. That means, that there is less possibility that it will have some skin-friendly ingredients here. On the other hand – my very sensitive and allergic skin do accepted it – no itchy feelings and redness afterwards. But as i want all best for my skin i think i will search for my perfect concealer (because this didn`t work for my under eye circles), so i guess i will not repurchase any concealer which will not conceal my dark circles.

There`s MUA website and store ->

And there you can read more information about Cover and Conceal wand ->

Have you ever tried something from MUA? Did you like it?



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