Review: the Body Shop, Born Lippy pot and stick lip balms


Hello my dear readers! As i mentioned today on my twitter account, there will be two reviews in one – about the Body Shop lip balms in two different forms.

Some years ago i really wanted to have those wonderful lip balms from the Body Shop, because everybody was talking about them how good they were. I wanted, then forgot, but at least – i got them. The first i got was a lip balm in a pot with a “flavour” of pink guava.

ImageOur cult lip balm in a pot. Gives colour, flavour and moisture for more kissable lips.

  • Nude tint
  • Shine finish
  • Fruity guava flavour

I wished for the lip balm in a pot from the Body Shop for so long, and then 2 or 3 years ago i got it on Christmas. I was very happy and i already knew that i will be using it very much. But it seems right now i`m using it more than some years ago.

First is the scent. I really don`t know how guava tastes or smells, but this lip balm`s scent is GORGEOUS! It`s so fresh and fruity. If guava really tastes as this lip balm smells… i think i would really like it. Scent is not very strong and is not too sweet, but still it`s something gorgeous and cute.

As you have noticed, i have some problems with my lips, so i prefer to use this lip balm in summer, because then i have less problems. Also i use it sometimes in winter, but when i am at home and my lip condition is good. Because when my lips are at my worst, this kind of products make everything really bad. This lip balm is perfect for healthy and smooth lips.

Another thing is that this lip balm doesn`t taste as guava. It tastes like nothing. The reason why i am saying this is that in this product description you have “Fruity guava flavour” and so many people write about the flavour, but i don`t feel any flavour at all.

And a big minus for this – they say it gives you a colour, flavour and moisture for more kissable lips. First thing, would not say that this gives you a color, it`s more like lip gloss with a tiny, very tiny hint of pink. Next – about the flavour which i have already discussed. And last – moisture. All the time i have used this lip balm in pot my lips have never been moisturized. I guess my lips are just too sensitive and need more care and moisturizing, so that this product doesn`t work well on me. But i am sure, that everybody who doesn`t have any problems with lips – moisturizing should work! You can feel how sticky this lip balm is, which means, that something is in there what should moisturize your lips.

I think i will not repurchase this item, because it works for me only for summer. This lip balm gives me a gloss (perfect for summer) and freshness and good mood because of it`s scent. Overall, i recommend this lip balm if you have less problems with lips and they are not so sensitive.


Our cult lip balm in a stick format. Gives lips a pop of colour, a shot of moisture and a soft shine.

  • Moisturises and conditions lips
  • Light pink tint
  • Subtle shine
  • Fruity berry flavour
This lip balm came as a surprise in my life. I was in Brighton, UK, me and my friend were walking down the street and we saw, that there`s the Body Shop opening, so we went to the shop to check it out. As it was opening, there was a huge sale, so i bought this wonderful body butter and as a present for purchase i was able to choose which Born Lippy stick lip balm flavour i want, so i picked the Pink Berry.

Firstly, about the scent. When me and my friend smelled it for the first time – it was so divine! It perfectly fits the middle of the summer. I would like to say, that this scent really reminds me of berries. Pink Berry is a little bit stronger than Pink Guava in it`s scent – it gives more freshness with a girly hint.

Secondly, with my problematic lips i can wear this lip balm as in summer, so as in winter. It has something slightly more different than lip balm in pot, what makes this lip balm much better.

And again about the flavour. The Body Shop says “Fruity berry flavour”, but i really can`t taste anything. I don`t know if there`s something wrong about me, but i really don`t feel anything. And i can say – i can perfectly live without flavoured lip balms.

What i like the most in this lip balm is that it moisturizes your lips! THANK GOD. This is the main reason why i like stick lip balm better than pot lip balm. I know, that pot lip balms are more cute, but this time i just love stick lip balm. Moisturizing is very important for me – i don`t like wearing lip balms just because they are shiny or with some tint. I need a practical side of lip balm.

I can agree with the description “Gives lips a pop of colour, a shot of moisture and a soft shine.” You really get a soft and cute pink tint from this lip balm, a “shot” of moisture is absolutely true and soft shine is perfect! At first i was very worried about it, because if my lips get something shiny or sparkly, they look very big in a way i don`t like. But this lip balm is so perfect!

I will definitely repurchase this product – it seems like it`s something like nothing, but for me – it makes wonders!

So in conclusion i can say, that Lip balm in pot is better for people who need only visual appearance of lips – it gives your lips healthy shine and it`s beautifully scented. But for people who need something more than visual appearance – stick lip balm will do wonders! (I should mention, that moisturizing is balanced – there`s not too much moisture)

The Body Shop website ->

For more information about both lip balms -> and

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What can you say about the Body Shop products? Do you own their lip balms? Do you like them?



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