Review: MUA, Glitter Eyeliner, 2 City of Gold



Glitter eyeliners which paint on precise lines with the top of the thin brush for a glitterazzi look. These glitter eye liners are available in intensely sparkling shades.

Today is another review-day! This time i will be talking about another MUA product – glitter eyeliner. Also i wanted to mention, that i`m confused about the color name – on website it`s called “City of God”, but on the package it`s “City of Gold”, so i will call it as it is put on package.

This product was in my MUA mini haul last year. I ordered some products i really wished for, and i added some really cheap products too. Including this glitter eyeliner worth £1.00. For that price you can`t get something really breathtaking, but still i will point out pros and cons.

ImageI am not a big fan of eyeliners, but still as this was so cheap i wanted to try it out for some fun or party makeup. I think this kind of eyeliner would perfectly fit in night-time. It`s very compact to take it with you on the go.

This is a liquid liner and i quite don`t like it`s consistency. As i mentioned i don`t prefer eyeliners, but when i`m using it, i feel better with gel eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners are not my favourite and this feels even more liquid than any other this kind of eyeliners.


Thing that i like a little bit more is this little brush. It`s so tiny that you can precisely draw a thin line. But the sad thing is that this brush doesn`t work well with the eyeliner by itself – because you get very much of a product on the brush. And another thing – it`s something from plastic i guess, and i don`t like the feeling when applying. And last thing about the brush – it makes strange stripes, so it`s a bit hard to draw a fine line. Maybe the problem is in eyeliner consistency, but i really don`t know.


I believe that it lasts long, but i really can`t say, because i haven`t tried. Almost forgot to mention, that this one dries really slowly – it takes 5 or even 10 minutes to dry. I have never experienced something like this with a liquid eyeliner – i understand, it`s liquid, so it takes more time to dry, but not this much! But what i really like – if you want much glitter, you get it.


There you can see my messy result. As you can see – golden glitter looks very pretty. But to make a perfect result – it takes much time. I even got some glitter on my eyelashes – looks like a mess. I kind of like the result, but i know i could have done better.

In conclusion: I really like golden glitter and how it looks on the eye, but i don`t like the consistency of this eyeliner, as well as eyeliner brush + eyeliner consistency – not compatible. Also it takes much time to make it look perfect. I am sure i will not repurchase this item, but still i will be using it for some fun or interesting looks.

There`s MUA website and store ->

And there is more information about the product ->

Do you use glitter eyeliner from another brand? Is it good?



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