Review: Rimmel London, Match Perfection foundation, 101 Classic Ivory



A match so perfect, it’s undetectable in any light!

Light perfecting radiance foundation.

Traceless coverage for perfectly flawless skin under any light.

Lasts all day.

Hello lovelies! As you have noticed, i`m doing reviews almost every day, but that`s just because i have a list of products which i am using for quite a long time. I want to review some newer products, but at first i need to review those old products!

I got this foundation a month ago and i`m totally in love with it. I watched so many videos about “My 2013 favourites” and many beauty bloggers said, that one of the best foundations of their 2013 is Rimmel London`s foundation Match Perfection. I was quite worried, because with other three foundations i failed (they are a little bit dark for me). As soon as holiday was over, i went to drugstore to check out this foundation. First day i tried, and there was something i didn`t like about it. On another day i tried it again, and then i felt – this will be the perfect one, so i bought it.


I think this is the best bottle for foundation i have ever seen – blue color is so appealing. My favourite color combination is yellow/orange/browns with blue tones – they look so gorgeous together!


From all foundations i have, this foundation is very easy to blend. I guess the thing is that this foundation is more liquid – even when you pump it on your hand and make some movements, you can feel it running off. But that`s not a problem for me – i really like it`s consistency and that it`s so easy to blend in.

Another thing i`m very happy about – it`s lasting is perfect! I have seen some videos where girls complain that after some time their skin start to look patchy and their t-zone start to look oily. But i have different effect – when freshly applied it looks uneven and kind of strange, but after an hour i have that beautiful and healthy glow. It sure gives you radiance and healthy glow.


I need two pumps to cover all my face. But as this foundation`s consistency is more liquid, i pump once, then cover as much as i can, and then pump the second time, so i can finish blending in.


This foundation has an SPF of 18. I would say that this foundation gives you coverage from light to medium. As you can see it covers all redness, but some areas need to be concealed (will try out match perfection concealer). I agree that skin looks great under any light. I guess if i wouldn`t have some blemishes, foundation would be undetectable.

At first i thought that tone 101 Classic Ivory is perfect for me, but it has some red undertones, i think next time i will try tone 100 Ivory – with yellow undertones.

Overall i am more than happy that i have this foundation. I was expecting it to be good, but i didn`t know that it will be THAT good. The only thing i didn`t like is that when freshly applied, it doesn`t look flawless, but after an hour it gets that flawless look with healthy glow. And also it lasts all day and it feels very light – you don`t have feeling that you have foundation on. I don`t regret that i bought this foundation – it`s the best foundation i have ever used!

I will definitely repurchase this product and i recommend this to everyone who is reading this!

Rimmel London website ->

And there you can read more information about foundation ->


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