January favourites & empties


Hello my dears. Today is the last day of January – time has been running fast. I really can`t believe that time is running so fast. As January has come to an end, i am making my January favourites (and empties) list. I have done this only once, but i`m ready to do this regularly.


Garnier, Fresh Essentials, Refreshing toner (~£4)

I am using this every evening for two months now. I don`t feel like it`s something very special, but my skin feels refreshed and cleaned. I still haven`t found perfect cleanser, lotion or toner for myself, but i keep searching and some which i have used are not that bad. It has very light, sweet scent. I love to use it when i am very tired and makes my mood go up because of scent and refreshing. The thing i don`t like is that it doesn`t removes makeup easily, so this is just good to clean your face after removing your makeup or clean your face after being outside without makeup!

Jason, Aloe Vera moisturizing gel (~£3)

A long time ago i have written a review of this product. First month i liked it, but still it felt a little bit strange using it. But then after some time i realized that it removes makeup easily. So this product is my Nr.1 makeup remover this month! It`s actually a gel for moisturizing your skin, but my skin still gets a little itchy feel, so i stopped using it. But as a makeup remover – it`s great!

Gucci, Guilty (~£70)

I got this as a present some time ago. At first i didn`t like it that much, but more i use it – more i like it. This month mostly i was wearing this fragrance, because i don`t want to finish my Miss Dior, Cherie and Britney Spears, Fantasy is too sweet for me. So this is my perfect escape!


Ecotools, Recycled Retractable foundation brush (~£6)

As now i have foundation i`m using very often, i finally started to use this Ecotools “perfect-for-travel” brush. I already have reviewed it, but only now i got this brush to work. It`s my favourite brush this month just because it has done a lot, i like how soft it feels. The only thing i don`t like about this brush is that it makes stripes, so to make perfect finish, i`m also using…

Claire`s, Blush brush from Color Tipped Cosmetic Brush Set (~£5)

As i can`t get perfect finish using only Ecotools foundation brush, i`m using Claire`s brush to blend in foundation for finished look. So this is why this one is in my favourite`s list – it has done a lot too. But i can say, that i already know, when i`ll get my hands on a right and perfect foundation brush, these two (Ecotools and Claire`s) will be less used brushes.

Rimmel London, Match Perfection foundation, 101 Classic Ivory (~£7)

This is my all time best discovery! I started my New Year with a new foundation. I was very worried if it will be like my other foundations, but… this stands out! I have reviewed this one too, and all i can say – this is something more than i expected.

Essence, Eyebrow designer 04 blonde (~£4)

My one and only love for 5 months. I`m using it every day, i love it – it`s easy to apply and color suits me perfect. To read more about this product, read full review.

Avon, Supershock mascara (~£8)

It`s my all time favourite mascara for quite a long time. It perfectly seperates lashes and make them look very pretty. This is my all time favourite, but it`s coming to an end. If you want to learn something new about this mascara, go on and read my review.


And so these are my January empties. These products have lasted quite a long time, but this month was the month, when i used the last drop of them.

The Body Shop, Absinthe Purifying hand cream (~£10)

I have been loving this one for quite a long time, and this is one and only hand cream i have used for such a long time. I used it when my hands needed to be refreshed and a little bit moisturized. I wouldn`t say that this is best for deep moisture, but still it`s so good. It dries fast, it has strong, but beautiful scent, and you don`t need a lot of product. I had this perfect hand cream almost for a year. I have reviewed this a long time ago.

Himalaya, Lip Balm (~£2)

I was having this lip balm for almost two years! I bought this when travelling to India. I`m not disappointed in this product. It`s not the best lip balm i have used, because it`s something more like gel, it doesn`t leave an oily feeling (which i actually like, because then i feel that my lips are really moisturized) . I guess i will not repurchase this item, but i guess for that kind of price everybody should try it.

Kruidvat, Volume Strong mousse (~£4)

This one was my hair survivor for past 5 months. As i have curly hair, sometimes i have problems with it, that they go “down”. I started to really hate that, so i decided that i should try some hair products. I hated, really hated mousses. But after this i have discovered another world. It makes my hair go up nicely and my hair doesn`t get very fluffy. I put a small amount of mousse in my hair before drying them and it does magic! I need to go to drugstore before i start to look as before using this wonderful mousse!

This month was full of surprises and some new things.

I hope you enjoyed your January and good luck in February! Keep up the good work lovelies!


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