Review: Bioderma, Atoderm Crème lavante and Atoderm Crème



The superfatting agents in Atoderm Crème lavante, perfectly compatible with the skin, help it biologically rebuild its hydrolipidic film. Its purifying agents limit the proliferation of micro-organisms, agents that aggravate skin dryness.

Thanks to its nourishing and restructuring agents, Atoderm Crème biologically strengthens the skin barrier and thereby curbs the penetration of irritants. Enriched with moisturising agents, Atoderm Crème binds water in the upper layers of the skin and keeps it from evaporating.

Hello there! Guess who`s back!!! I`m kind of back on track, and it`s almost a year since i have posted anything here! So much has happened to me – including that my skincare routine has changed  A LOT. So that`s why we should start!

So, everything started in spring, when i finally got to a doctor to look for allergies, and as it seems i have allergy for almost everything. That`s quite bad, but at the same time it`s very good, because now i know how to deal with it and it`s much more easier right now. So the doctor said that i should be using proper skincare products and stop using bubbly, cute and smelling good products. Although i have never been such a fan for that stuff (because my skin reacted really quicklu after using that kind of products) i still used some of it. So she suggested to try some Bioderma Atoderm products (because i have dry and sensitive skin). I wanted to try some Bioderma products before, but now it was like a must – my doctor suggested, so i must get it. I ordered these two products online and got them at the beginning of august i guess. And all this time i have never been happier! So basically, my everyday skincare routine consists of these two products.

I will start with Atoderm Creme lavante which is “nutri-protective cleansing cream”. At first i was worried about this, that it won`t last long and that i will have to buy makeup remover, BUT this is absolutely everything in one!!! It perfectly cleanses your skin, it feels sooo good after using this, and it`s perfect makeup remover – i guess i have never had such perfect cleanser. Other thing i really like about this is that you even don`t need one pump to get lots of foam – so it lasts longer. I really like that i got this in 500ml so i don`t have to worry of running out quickly and getting another one. This is paraben and soap free which is really awesome. It`s hard to explain, but it has subtle fragrance which i really love. The only thing which makes me a little bit uncomfortable is the after-feeling. My skin is perfectly cleansed and it feels smooth and soft, but at the same time, i have that dry feeling. So it`s great to have cream of the same range – Atoderm Creme!


After using Atoderm cleansing cream, my must-have after is Atoderm nourishing cream which is awesome! I can`t even tell you how grateful i am for this product. It`s paraben and fragrance free. I even can`t think of something to write about it, because this cream is very, very good. It has helped me a lot and it`s my everyday must have. I use it in the morning after washing my face and in the evening, after cleansing my face. That`s the reason why it is almost empty, as you can see, because i`m using it everyday for almost 5 months! (I probably should order double package very soon). At the beginning i was using this creme after shower too, but my skin got better and i started using it much rarely after shower. It`s super moisturizing and such a delight for your skin!

I must say, that these two products will be my all-time must have products till the end of the world! I will definitely buy these again (actually i should order cream ASAP) and i totally recommend these to you if you have very dry skin! I know i sound like a totally obsessed wierdo, but THIS IS SO WORTH IT! I look forward to try other Bioderma Atoderm products.

For more information about Atoderm Creme lavante and Atoderm Creme you can go here -> and

To check out all Bioderma Atoderm range you can go here ->

I hope that it was helpful for someone, because i remember when i got those serious skin problems i just didn`t know about this range which has really helped me!

Have a nice day! 🙂



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