Review: Anatomicals, Cheese Release Me Foot Cream



  • Softening foot cream from Anatomicals
  • Deodorising cream for fresh, invigorated feet
  • Leaves your feet refreshed and moisturised

Happy THURSDAY everyone!

Before i had this cream, i had never heard of Anatomicals before. I was surfing through, searching for some stuff to buy and then i decided to look into beauty section. I didn`t know what i was searching for, but this product intrigued me. So i bought it. I don`t know for how long i got it, but i know that next time i will shop on asos i will order this cream too.


When i got it, the first thing i did was read the text on the tube. I think it`s very cool – like a little story about the product. I already liked it after this little story. But when i opened the tube… i think i fell in love. It smells so fresh and minty! The smell of this is quite strong, but still very fresh. Sometimes i just like to open and smell it – that`s how much i like the smell of it. To say something more about the smell – if you`re tired and you smell it, you start to feel energized. Well, that works for me.


I guess this is my most favourite foot cream. When i had my Bioderma Atoderm nourishing cream at first i was using it on my feet, but later when i discovered this magical cream, i used (and i`m still using) Anatomicals cream. Why is it so good?

  1. It smells sooo great! (very, very fresh mint)
  2. It`s something between cream and gel and it`s very moisturizing – it does magic!
  3. This is the perfect product at the end of the day when your feet are tired – it gives you mint freshness (sometimes my feet gets cold of it`s freshness :D)
  4. You can grab this with you when you are travelling – the tube is quite small (100ml) to fit in your bag.

From now on, this is going to be my must-have foot product! It`s such a good feeling after hot shower to put this cream on feet – such a delight!

Asos page where you can read info about this cream (and even buy it) -> here

Here you can check all Anatomicals products and more information about the brand -> here

Have you ever tried someting from Anatomicals?

See you soon! 🙂



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