Inspirational: Chanel, Spring/Summer 2015 Couture

Hello everybody! I could say Happy New Year, because i haven`t posted anything for almost two months.

Some days ago i was surfing through Tumblr under tags “fashion”, “fashion gif” and others. And i found something, that took my breath straight away. There were gifs from Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 show. As much as i love flowers and floral patterns, i fell in love with Chanel`s show decorations and some outfits.

As i was very interested in this show, i started to search for pictures, videos… anything. So i`ll start about the show decorations which i really, really love!

As i read on “Chanel news” website, collection was welcomed with a decor inspired by a botanical glasshouse. By that we can understand, that show`s theme is botanical garden or jungle. I couldn`t find a source from where it was taken, but when i found those amazing gifs from the show, there was a description about decorations:

It took six months to make the 300 flowers that decorated the Chanel set. Each of them had its own engine, and when at the show’s start Baptiste Giabiconi applied a theatrical splash from a CC-branded watering can and they simultaneously burst into mechanical bloom, it felt like Spring 2015 in a world where the only life left was this small synthetic paradise. “Or maybe it’s a world that never existed in the first place,” Karl Lagerfeld mused afterward.

If you`re interested in show`s opening and show itself (in short edition), you can watch it right here:

But now about the clothes. On the whole i would say, that at first i was not impressed – single colour skirts with jackets. Maybe that`s even good, because then i was taken away with beautiful, floral-detailed clothes. So light – really reminds me of the time in spring, when nature is blooming and you got that warm and light feeling.

Flowers were everywhere, from the hems and shoulder to the arm warmers of tulle and the hair decorations of transparent plastic hanging from the low plait Sam McKnight had given each girl.  – Alexandra Shulman

Now to the outfits i loved the most:


I really like red colour, but i just LOVE these flowers with different shades of red.


Blue is my favourite colour. I don`t like dresses like this, but i really like floral detail – it gives the whole outfit a pretty accent.


Very spring-like: light, simple, beautiful!


This is just another beautiful-detailed piece from Chanel. I like the combination of outfit in this one.


And this is my most favourite of all outfits – everything is just perfect! This piece makes me realise how obsessed i am with florals.

If you are interested in the making process of all these beautiful flowers, there`s a sneak peek available:


To see all bits and pieces from Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 Couture show, go to (they have full report) – click here

For more videos from Chanel – click here




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