Review: Natura Siberica, Oblepikha body butter



Nourishing and moisturizing butter with rich texture that will provide complete care for dry and dehydrated skin of the body. The Altai sea buckthorn oil deeply nourishes, restores and moisturizes. Elfin cedar oil nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids necessary for its nutrition. Siberian rowan berries oil moisturizes the skin, giving it softness and comfort.

I guess not so many people really know this brand, but as i have heard, many people from my country really likes Natura Siberica`s products, because, as they say, they really work!

I was out of any body moisturisers for some time, when i realised that my skin really needs some extra care (which means i need to have body moisturiser anytime, because i have dry skin). I went to the local drugstore and found this little baby which was even on sale. So i thought that i could give it a try, because i have never used Natura Siberica`s products.


I have been using this body butter for more than a month and i can say i pretty much like it. The good thing is that it doesn`t contain parabens and other bad stuff. It`s very nourishing, moisturising. By “very” i mean that it`s really like a butter. And i really love the packaging – the pattern of their line OBLEPIKHA is so pretty.


As a body butter it has that butter texture and it`s really easy to apply on skin. I would say that this is the product you would like to use in the evening after shower – because it gives a little bit heavy feeling because of the intensive moisturising. About the smell – it smells very natural and light. I still can`t tell if i like or dislike the smell. As their product line which contains Siberian berry called Altai sea-buckthorn is called OBLEPIKHA, i guess that their key scent is that berry. I know that my mother uses OBLEPIKHA line shampoo and conditioner and it smells the same as this body butter. As i said – natural and not synthetic.

Actually i really like this body butter, it`s a lifesaver in those situations when you have dry skin and you feel uncomfortable. I guess i will repurchase this product because of its ability to soothe my dry skin.

If you`re interested in what is Natura Siberica and what kind of products (and from what) they make, you can find information here – click here for NS website



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